Koda is a cute yet playful ferret. He is a sable and his best friend is bear. Did you know Koda is a tree that can be found in China, Japan, New Guinea, and Australia? Now our Koda might not be as big as a tree but he has a big personality. Please consider adopting Koda and Bear today.
Bear is a furry loving cuddly ferret he's a sable and his best friend is Koda. Bear may not be as big as a grizzly, but he is as cuddly and furry as one. Bear and Koda love to spend time together and would love to find a new home where they could stay together forever. Please consider adopting Bear and Koda today.
Binx is our newest addition, he will be a available for adoption soon. He has a joy for life that you can't help but share. Noone can resist his charm, and going into the quarantine room always includes giving him some attention.
Prince is an amazing, playful guy that's always a joy to be with. He loves to wardance around the playpen and everyone is his favorite toy.
Stevie is a fun-loving, female Sable ferret. She is bonded with Apollo and would be a good addition to any household. She may not sing as well as Stevie Nicks, but I imagine she would be just as fun to be around. Please consider adopting Stevie and Apollo today.
Walter is not your average grumpy old man. He's a Wild man. He's 3yrs old and chocolate. He's a love bug and energetic he's bonded with Minnie and Sweet. Contact now to find out more.
Jezebel lives up to her name. She does not play well with others and would need to be kept in a single ferret family. She is cute with people, calm and likes to cuddle; she adores attention. She's 2 1/two years old, female and champagne. Come down to find your soulmate today.
Now you don't have to be the Mad Hatter to wonder about Alice. Alice is 2yrs old and she is a Silver Blaze. She is best friends with Duchess, and they just love falling down rabbit holes. Come over to our Wonderland of ferrets today. Alice and Duchess are available for adoption.
Taz short for Tasmanian ferret. Now don't be afraid though, Taz is a male Sable approx three years old and is just playful and curious. Taz currently doesn't have any best friends. Taz did come to us with another ferret who unfortunately did not make it, but he has done ok on his own. Which means that he's available for adoption. He can be kept as a single ferret or can find new friends.
Jefferson is a survivor. He is a male champagne approx 9 mnths old. He is super adorable and playful and he currently doesn't have any friends. So he can be adopted as a single or he can make new friends with your current ferrets. Jefferson came to us after he had been wandering around Johnson County for about a month. He was infested with fleas and it took 3 volunteers to clean them all off of...
Ziggy is mischievous and curious but lovable. He zigzags all over the place. Going everywhere zigzagging here and there. All you'll see is a streak of brown as this Sable runs past you. He is not bonded, so he can be adopted as a single ferret or find a new friend , cuz he puts up with a lot. Don't you want this special guy in your home?
Louise is about 2yrs old and a sable who is loving and curious. Louise is bonded with Thelma her best friend. See Thelma's description for a little more about them....
If you're looking for trouble, you're looking for Thelma. She's energetic fun-loving but always leads to some trouble. She's about 2yrs old, female and albino. She might spook you trying to play ghost. Thelma is best friends with Louise, go figure. Come get in some trouble with them
You don't have to be royalty to have a Duchess in your house. Duchess is a friendly easy-going ferret who's two years old and Sable. She plays well with others and is very affectionate. She is best friends with Alice come waltz on in to view this royal pair.
My Wonderful! Now Sm agol might not be after her, but she is a 3yr old female and a marked White. She is calm and cuddly but maybe mischievous she loves tubes and may stash the ring in them. She is bonded with Minnie and Walter. Call the shelter today to find out more.
Minnie Mouse well maybe just many. She's a 2 yr old female Sable who's curious, playful, soft and sweet. She has big ears just like her namesake, you might be able to even put in a bow. She has bonded with Walter and Adorable. They are all 3 available for adoption, so call the shelter today to find out more.
Earnest Hemingway (Ernie) came to us from another rabbit rescue that had to close. Ernie is an angora lop who has been neutered and litterbox trained. He is a house rabbit and does well out of his bunny condo. He will need frequent grooming, as do a...
Ari is a cuddlebun. He has been neutered and litterbox trained and is ready to be a house rabbit. All rabbits must have an adequate exercise area, a special room or an enclosed area inside the home. It is recommended that the rabbit have a condo or ...
Norma Jean came to us from another rabbit rescue that was closing. She is very wonderful. She has been spayed and is litterbox trained. Angora rabbits should be gently brushed daily or at min once or twice a week. Regular grooming's keeps their coat...
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