Description The floor is removable, so easy to clean Four Size (wide x tall) 10cm x 10cm (suit for rat/hamster/squirrel/bird,etc) 15cm x 15cm (suit for baby rabbit/ fat rat/hamster/squirrel/bird,etc) 20cm x 20cm (suit for small ferret/rabbit/parrot,etc) 25cm x 25cm (suit for ferret/rabbit/parrot,etc) 3 clips included, allows the plush hammocks to attach firmly to the cage an ideal place designe...
Krusty is an amazing little guy who came to us in need of having a benign growth removed from his head. Luckily it should cause no issues for him in the future. He is very affectionate and gives kisses freely. He is very active and plays for hours with his brother Joseph. They are going to make their future parents very happy and make a adorable, loving addition to a family.
Bozo is a precious. playful little dude. He and his brother Krusty needed lots of care when they 1st arrived, but now are ready to find a loving family. They have really blossomed in the time they have been here and their personalities are amazing, and really stand out as 2 good ferrets that will give someone joy, happiness and fun.
Lucy is best friends with Ringo. They are new to the shelter and adapting well. She is a extra sweet little champagne girl with a sparkling personality. She's always eager to play and super friendly. She and her buddy Ringo are searching for their forever parents.
Ringo is best friends with Lucy. They came in just a few weeks ago and just became available for adoption. He and Lucy are a playful pair who will keep you in stitches. They are always clowning around and are very cute and affectionate.
Sammy enjoys a little mischief. He is an adorable boy that always has a great time. He gets along with other ferrets very well and would be a sweet addition to any family. He is not bonded with anyone else.
Peekaboo! Now wasn't that fun? Peekaboo is a curious male Sable, who is best friends with Renegade. If you like fun and games consider playing peek-a-boo with Peekaboo and Renegade. Please consider adopting Peekaboo and Renegade today.
Renegade is a true ferret thief; he'll run right in and steal your heart. He is a playful male, Sable who is best friends with Peekaboo. Renegade got best opposite in The Ferret 500 in 2016. Wow what a champion. Consider adopting Peekaboo and Renegade today!
Aspen, brrr!. Now Aspen not might not be from Colorado, but she'd fit right in with the snow with her white fur. Aspen is an albino. She's best friends with Sir Bromsby. They would love to ski right into your heart. Come ski on by to adopt them today.
Sir Bromsby is a colorful and fun male Sable about a year old. He is best friends with Aspen. Unlike the character in the popular Sherlock Holmes, The Case of the Silver Earring , Sir Bromsby is well alive and with us. But you can find a case to solve with this guy as you play your own Sherlock Holmes searching for your missing earrings. Sir Bromsby and Aspen are available for adoption, come fi...
Koda is a lovable yet playful ferret. He is a sable and his best friend is bear. Did you know Koda is a tree that can be found in China, Japan, New Guinea, and Australia? Now our Koda might not be as big as a tree but he has a big personality. Please consider adopting Koda and Bear today.
Bear is a furry loving cuddly ferret he's a sable and his best friend is Koda. Bear may not be as big as a grizzly, but he is as cuddly and furry as one. Bear and Koda love to spend time together and would love to find a new home where they could stay together forever. Please consider adopting Bear and Koda today.
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